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Steven + Loren | Nashville War Memorial Engagement Session | Nashville Wedding Photographer

Loren, Steven and I woke up early Sunday morning and headed to downtown Nashville for their long awaited engagement session. The rain "rained on our parade" the first time and we schedule the 2nd time during the evening of CMA fest.. If you live in or around Nashville, that's something you don't want to get in the middle of unless you're attending.. traffic, tourist, $40 parking.. the list goes on.

Their wedding will be at Long Hollow Gardens, a beautiful greenhouse wedding venue located just north of Nashville, in Hendersonville. You can mark The Gardens, as one of my favorite local venues! I knew with all the greenry, it would be awesome to do something a little more city scene / urban feel for their engagement session, plus... I've been day dreaming about the Nashville War Memorial for dayzzzzz.

There love story is quite the sweet one. It reminds me a lot of me and my husband's high school sweet heart- love story.

"Our story starts when I was just in 8th grade, and Steven was a sophomore in high school. Yep, we were sooo young! We met through a mutual friend, yet I was "not so into him" at the time. I was, after all, just 13 years old. Fast forward to when I arrived in high school. Steven continued to vie for my affections by leaving the sweetest notes and candy (he can pay for my dentist bills later on...). Finally, on his birthday, we went to see the movie Avatar, and that's when I decided to consent to being his girlfriend. After all, who could say no to a poor guy on his birthday?! Since that fateful night on January 22nd, 2010, our relationship has been filled with love, growing pains, and the best memories that will last a lifetime."

I think something so special is that they literally grew up together. They have a story that you don't hear that often anymore. I know this will be the sweetest, sharing their story to their kids and grand kids one day.

I'm so thankful to be apart of your love story.

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