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Lawren + Kyle | Downtown Nashville Engagement Session | The Hermitage Hotel | Nashville, Tn

A couple things that I love, one being a goooood love story. Two, when I get my hands on clients that have a killer wardrobes... if I thought this session was going to be awesome this past November when I booked Lawren + Kyle, you can just bury me now because I AM DEAD.. It truly exceeded all my hopes and dreams. If you follow me on Insta, you heard that Lawren is the definition of "extra" but not just extra.. the best kind of extra.

Kyle + Lawren met their sophomore year of high school and immediately hit it off due to sharing the exact same birthday. Over the years, their friendship began to form into more than just a cute coincidence of the same birthday, something that neither of them could deny. FINALLY, after 8 years of friendship, after being on opposite ends of Tennessee for college some how, someway they decided to give their love a go.

After seeing the way Kyle looks at Lawren or how he compliments her so well, being an outsider looking in.. I cant believe they were "just friends" for so long! Her Gmail has been updated to reflect her new last name, the engagement pictures are done, now lets get you two love birds married!! Come on, December!




Hair + Make up / Locks by Leslie

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