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Hunter + Brittany | Engagement Session | Long Hunter State Park

I know I've talked about this before but man, what an honor it is when you get to be not only a part of a friends wedding day by being their photographer but apart of this season of life with them! It is so special not only to my brides + grooms but to me too! I mean obviously I love weddings, how could I not, right? Hunter and I have been friends for quite some time and before I even met Brittany, I knew we would hit it off (which we did, btw). It means so much to me to be involved in all the little details and wedding decisions that you make.

Brittany + Hunter are something really special and you know that as soon as you meet them. They are just great for each other but they are a great little family, hard working, hard loving, salt of the Earth people. They are such great parents to sweet little Olivia and can I just tell you I melt seeing Hunter be such a good daddy to her (insert crying emoji)

We had the best time adventuring around Long Hunter State Park with Olivia and Aunt Natalie in tow while taking their engagement photos. Brittany stuck it out and trekked in her heels like it wasn't a thing and as long as Olivia had her Paci, she was in good shape. I am so excited to see this life you guys create together and I'm so excited to be apart of it!


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