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Kelsey + Quentin Butler | The Pick Inn Wedding & Events | Gallatin, TN

As my besties daughter would say "My Lord in Jesus" BLESS HER! haha but so much truth in that statement. I've been dying to get Kelsey + Quentin's wedding day up on the blog but this week has been nuts, so many life things happening! SOOOO, without further ado. I present you, Mr + Mrs Quentin Butler!

Every little girl dreams of their wedding day. From the venue to the style , to the kind of dress she'd pick out, the sunset and most importantly.. the future husband. Kelsey is probably one of the most laid back - go with the flow type of people that I've ever met... (which came in handy) Quentin, he's sweet as pie and loves two things most... Kelsey and her fried chicken (I hear its the best, so good he even mentioned it in their vows haha)

All week, we had been checking storm dopplers, weather apps, and farmers' almanacs.. it looked like right before their ceremony around 4:00p the bottom was going to fall out and once it started their was no stopping.. by 4:30 it still hadn't started raining and Kelsey was going to chance it. Setup for outdoor, thats what the bride wanted and we were going to do everything (include pray) that the rain would hold off. After all, this is the day she had be dreaming about since she was a little girl. About 15 minutes later, it started... not just sprinkling.. but monsoon-ing.

Quentin was very against no first looks but about 4 minutes before the rain let loose, I somehow - someway convinced him that it was the best idea.. He knew the rain wasn't looking promising and he was going to do whatever Kels wanted! And boy am I thankful!

Rain or shine, at the end of the day all these two cared about was becoming husband and wife. It was truly such a beautiful day filled with laughter, a couple tears, lots of great dance moves even more kisses **see below** and the best cornbread I've ever tasted ;)

Kelsey + Quentin, I couldn't be happier for you guys!



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