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Marrissa + Rhett Rippeteau | The Cedars at Carr Farm | Nashville, Tn

CAN YOU SAY WOW?! Like I'm still in shock at how every single detail fell into place just like planned.. does that ever happen? haha Gosh, the class and elegance of this wedding has me like W O A H. I just don't have any words other than wow and woah. This wedding had a mixture of every single one of my preferred vendors + some added extras like a beautiful wedding party with the perfect colors. I can talk about how perfect this wedding turned out for dayssssss but they BEST part about this wedding was the bride + groom.

Marrissa and I have been friends since high school, like she used to cut my hair at girls retreat.. which are some of my favorite memories. I don't think I could pick someone more opposite but yet perfect for her myself. My favorite part of the day was when I saw Marrissa + Rhett together. Marrissa could talk to or make friends with a wall. Rhett on the other end, he's got to warm up a little. As soon as he saw her he immediately opened up, like she was his missing half. It was incredible to me to see how much they complimented each other and the undeniable love that Rhett has for Marrissa. To be apart of their day was like a true fairy tale.

Also, Marrissa and her daddy are the real MVPs.. they danced to Maria Carey when the DJ was having technical difficulties and made the absolute most of it. A daddy / daughter dance that will never be forgotten.




** to note; we are changing their business name to It Takes THREE **

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