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Mr. + Mrs. Owens | Katlyn + Seth | Southern Occasions Events Center | Portland, Tn

Gosh, these two.

Holy moly, they have to be the sweetest two humans on the face of the planet. Seth, on a normal day (aka not his wedding day).. is a man of few words but he is straight up angelic.. If you are a boy mom, you want to raise your son to be like him, so kind and personable..and the way he loves Katlyn (M E L T) On Saturday, I heard Seth talk more in 10 minutes than he did on a 2.5 hour engagement session. When I say he was a nervous wreck, the guy was a nervous wreck.. you could tell that he was filled to the brim of anticipation and ready to see his bride. I may or may not have seen him shed a tear.. in his car.. after the the first look. Katlyn, well.. she is a lady of so many talents.. she's a teacher, a social butterfly and a master rapper to name just a couple. I knew from the second we sat down in Starbucks to meet she was going to be more than just a bride. Over these months of helping plan, pick dresses, save the dates and even a Purre Barre class (which kicked our tails) we have become friends! I was so excited to see all the plans and Pinterest boards turn into their real life dream wedding.

You remember how I mentioned Seth being nervous, well yes... how could you forget! (sweet thing) It seem that when he saw those doors open and Katlyn walk through them, the whole world stopped. All his jitters and probably nervousness to be in front of a bajillion people all faded away. It was like it was just them. Katlyn + Seth's ceremony was sweet and intimate, they were married by the same pastor that baptized her years ago. I am so thankful that Katlyn + Seth chose me to be such a huge part of their day. I feel like I truly gained a friendship!

P.S. these people know how to throw a party, just saying. She may have twerked on someones grandmother AND rapped Nelly, with a microphone.

P.P.S overshare and I don't care. enjoy

HMU - Sarah Hibbs / @Wildflower_Beauty

Coordinator / Grace Palmer

Dress - Willow Bride / @willowbridetn

Bridesmaid Gowns - Show Me Your Mum / @showmeyourmumu

Reception Venue + Catering - Southern Occasions Event Center / @southernoccasionseventcenter

DJ - BJ / @bj_the_dj_

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