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Rachael + Dustin | Summer Time Engagement Session

Dustin + Rachael were some of my first paying clients a little under 2 years ago. We did a family session with these two love birds + Rachael's twin boys. The boys had just turned 3 and weren't interested in any kind of bribes we were offering, candy, ice cream after, new toys.. We tried it all. If one was looking, the other wasn't. I knew we would incorporate the boys into a few photos and MAN was it easier than last go around! Props to Rach for wrangling twin boys! lol

This session was more about Rachael + Dustin, this time and come October we will be partying it up at their wedding and I can not wait! We were *a little* hot and sweaty but Dustin was pretty excited about getting his money's worth.. He said man, I think we've looked at each other this past hour more than ever. If you have ever had professional photos made, there is a lot of look at Rachael, Rachael you look at me, foreheads together, almost kisses but lots of laughs. When I first got to the property where we doing their session and I saw the dress she had on, I was like okay, okay.. I can work with that! The week before all of my favorite fields had been bush hogged, I was kinda bummed cause It just what I had mental envisioned but this turned out soooo much better than I could have hoped.

Just a few of my favs of these sweets.

October, here we come!

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