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Emery Kate | In-home Lifestyle Session | Newborn | Gallatin, Tn


Today I spent my lunch break @ The Green's house, holding and cuddling {{andddd taking a few pictures}} their sweet new baby, Emery Kate. I can not deal with how angelic she is.

I ooh'd + ahh'd over her the entire time.

I used to ohh + ahh over practically any and every newborn but now that I've had my own baby.. other peoples kids are cool for 5 minutes and I want to give them back but little Emery Kate was different. Man, oh man is she extra sweet!

Her skin is like porcelain and her dark hair coats her little body. Thankfully {{for me}} she didn't sleep hardly at all last night so she was conked out the whole time.. she was rocking it like it was her day job.

Morgan + I both were like WHEW, that was easier than I thought it was going to be. Next time I visit, I'm just coming for my baby snuggles ;)





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