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Hailey + Marvin | Peeters Wedding | Briar Rose Hill | Bethpage, Tn

Hailey + Marvin have been together E I G H T years and their wedding night could not have been more perfect. Hailey, as always looked beautiful.. like blow you away beautiful. The wedding party were like the most pretty people and sweet Marvin... He cleans up so well!

Marvin + Hailey met Hailey's freshmen year of high school. Marvin was a foreign exchange student from Europe. To hear his sweet mama tell this was WAY better than I could ever write blog post over {{there wasn't a dry eye in the place}}

After his exchange program was over, he went back home to Europe, finished school and traveled any chance he could to see Hailey including all his breaks; fall, summer, and fall.. It was a long two years and so miles stood in between these two! As Marvin's mom told us, he had exceeded all her expectations.. he moved to a country for a short period of time just to learn English and our culture and met the girl of his dreams, moved here and opened his own business and to know Hailey has been there through thick and thin the entire time cheering him on as his biggest fan melts me to my core.. {{it would you too if you met these two}}

Their wedding day was filled with Burgundy, blush, gold, navy, and white. Literally, fall. It was a picture perfect fall evening for these two to get married under a huge oak tree at Briar Rose Hill. They danced and danced and danced some more! Probably the most fun I've had at a wedding, including my own!! I know these two are going to have the longest + happiest life together.

Thank you so much for letting me celebrate with you guys!




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