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Jesi + Josh | Palmer O N E Year Anniversary | Tobacco Barn | Gallatin, TN

You know how they say, have a love like Johnny + June?! Well, forget them... have a love like Jesi + Josh. Holy moly, does this guy love her, you can seriously just see it in the way her looks at her and of course there is no doubting that Jesi loves sweet Josh {{how could you not? He's an angel}}..

Jesi and I have been friends for so long, I couldn't even tell you how old we were when we met. All I know is, her mama would pick us all up from the skating rink on a Friday nights needless to say, a long time.

I remember a couple years ago us talking about her and where she was in life. She longed for a "Josh." Someone who loved her like she loved them, someone who put her first and treated her the way she deserved to be treated. A few short months later, here he was. Like a knight in shining armor, here came Josh sweeping her off her feet before she even knew what was happening. Here they are, celebrating their first year of marriage and what a year its been!

In the past year, these two have been unbelievably busy! Jesi owns a local clothing boutique in Hendersonville {{Southern J's// you should check them out!}} They have bought their very own fixer upper right outside of Goodlettsville that has been completely gutted! Thankfully another great quality of Josh is that he's handy and they are putting their hearts and soul into this home. I can not wait to see what y'alls future holds!

Thank you guys for letting me be a small part of your journey!


***also, to add.... Josh saved our lives by chasing away a decent sized cow that was mad at us***

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