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Kayla + Evan | Hendren Wedding | Elegant + Rustic Wedding | Wildflower Farms | Bethpage, Tn


I can't even believe it! These two started out as the sweetest of clients and we quickly became friends, once you meet these two its hard not to fall in love with them! They are truly good people with kind hearts.

They worked so hard on their big day and to see it all come together so beautifully was magical! I remember meeting with Kayla and her mom Christy for the first time and Kayla telling me how she wasn't going to be engaged forever, they were doing this thing! You see, Kayla + Evan have already been together for SEVEN years so why wait any longer to the one you love, right?! From February to September they planned one of the prettiest weddings.

They got married at a rustic + shabby chic barn with elegant decor and endless flowers in Bethpage, Tn. Their day was nothing short of perfect.

I'm so thankful you guys chose me to be apart of it!





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