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McKenzy + Bryant | Maternity Session | Baby Presley | Hendersonville, TN

September 16, 2017



Kenzy + I have so many similarities {{including our names}}. We have been almost at the same stage of life at the exact same times.


I feel like sometimes God places people like Kenzy in peoples life at the exact time and place they need to be even if its just to know that there is someone who simply, gets it. 


We met when my dad was sick, she had bought a t-shirt we had designed to help raise money for Brain Cancer Awareness + medical bills as well as donated her hard earned money. I couldn't have thanked her enough. Someone I didn't even know to do something like this kind hearted. We started talking and never really stopped. 


We both married young and we both have husbands in law enforcement. Almost a year ago, Kenzy lost her dad too. Unfortunately, this is one thing that I wish to never have in common with anyone my age. 


When you lose a parent, you don't have to say much and you don't want to hug it out. You just know. There are no right words and I'm sorry just makes you kinda angry.  


I know that with this pregnancy, all Kenzy can think about is her sweet daddy and thats all I can seem to think about as well! I know that he would love this baby girl more than any of us could ever type out in a blog post or put into words. I know that this sucks and he is supposed to be here but I also know that as a parent, you are going to feel the same love that he felt for you and that is indescribable. My dad used to always tell me, "My mom always said, I would never know how much she truly loved me until I had a baby of my own" 


I've never heard a more true statement. The love that you have for this sweet baby girl is going to blossom into the exact same love that your daddy had for you. She will do things that weirdly enough look like him and in that moment you will be filled to the brim with happiness, with a simple reminder of him and his love that he had for you. 


I'm so thankful for our one of a kind friendship + I can wait to meet sweet Baby T! 

**sorry for the extra long + sappy post**















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