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Jax Weakly | S I X Months | Family Session | Hendersonville, TN


You guys, I feel like this sweet, spirited, giggly, little guy was just born. He's officially six months old + a soon to be big brother. {{yes, you heard that right!}}

When I went to Samantha + Mitchell's house for Jax newborn session it was the first time since I had had cooper that I legit left and had baby fever. The entire session I was oohing + ahh-ing over Jax. Something about him just really reminded me of Cooper's squishy-ness when he was a newborn..

What was happening?! I wasn't sure but holy smokes, this little dude was so sweet, like extra sweet AND SMELT LIKE DREFT. That will get you every single time.

When Samantha messaged me in July, telling me that Jax was going to be a brother to sweet baby McCoy {{with the wide eyed emoji}}, I said "omg shut up" and then I melted! I know, that if anyone can handle possibly having two babes within the same calendar year, its going to be Samantha + Mitchell! They are such great parents!

I can't wait to watch your family grow + watch Jax be the best big brother!





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