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Baby Jameson | One Year Session | An Old Barn Across The Street | Gallatin, Tn

Sweet Baby J...

O N E. Whattttt???!!!

As a mama, I know Kylee + Coleman are feeling so much like "Whhhattttt>>>>???!!! Where did that whole year go?" Times goes by entirely too fast the moment you become a parent. There is so much joy in raising a tiny human but there is also so much sadness trying to keep them innocent and a tee-tiny baby for as long as possible.

I'm not sure you get any sweeter than little Jameson, his drunk like walk will instantly make you giggle because its simply the sweetest + most entertaining thing to watch. We had rescheduled our session to last night because it looked like Irma was coming through Gallatin and good thing we did because it could not have been more perfect weather. It was calm, cool and the sunset was ever so golden.

This awesome barn will soon be torn down by our awesome neighbors who let me wander across the street anytime I need it. I tried to bribe them with a family session but he told me that wasn't necessary, maybe he thought I might suck. haha!! It grows the most beautiful wildflowers you'll ever see and when you look at these photos and see the true characteristics of this place, you'll sad its being torn down, too!

Needless to say, I'm a sucker for toddler sessions + old barns with character + charm. Something about making ridiculously annoying faces and noises makes me so happy. When you finally get them to smile or laugh, you feel like you have conquered the world. These are the moments I started this for, moments that capture your sweet little {{almost}} one year old. Just to freeze time, even if its just for a minute.

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